Welcome to InTANK

InTANK has a long and successful history dating back to the mid-1990’s. Since that time, the technology has been owned by several different organizations all with the same goal: to provide API-653 tank inspections without removing storage tanks from service.

We are pleased to announce that in January 2011, the InTANK technology was purchased by A. Hak Industrial Services, BV and A. Hak InTANK Services, LLC was formed.

Our U.S. offices in Virginia and affiliated companies in Texas are located to provide services across the U.S. and Canada. For tanks outside of North America we provide services through A. Hak’s worldwide network of service facilities.

A. Hak InTANK Services continues the mission of providing safe, efficient and cost effective in-service tank inspections using our patented robotic systems. We continue to improve our systems making them smaller, faster, safer and more reliable. Our third-generation OTIS inspection robots can be found nowhere else in the world.

Our staff includes engineers and inspectors specially trained in the use of robotics and we have personnel with over 15 years of individual experience in robotic tank inspection. Our personnel are trained and qualified and are certified to API-653/570/510 as well as ASNT Levels I, II and III in ultrasonics to assure that your inspection will be of the highest quality.

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